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Starting A Business

If you're serious about starting your own business and you're prepared to put in the hours, the rewards can be great.

Going it alone for the first time can be daunting but thankfully there is plenty of (free) advice available which prepares you for the opportunities and pitfalls that await you.

The biggest challenge every new business owner faces is taking a great idea and turning it into a business, i.e. creating something that people want to buy and that you can make a profit from providing - without this there is no business.

Many new businesses succeed but not by chance. There's a lot of work that goes in to preparing, planning and evaluating before you even start trading. In our experience its 50% idea & skills and 50% drive, ambition & commitment, combined with a little bit of good decision making, calculated risk taking and luck.

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How we can help?

We understand that when you are starting out money is tight, therefore we prefer to guide you to free resources and support that is available rather than charge you lots of money for our services.

Start-Up Loans is a government funded scheme to provide business loans and mentors for entrepreneurs who are starting out or in their first 12 months of business.

We provide free mentoring and support for new businesses through the Start-Up Loan's scheme ( This also includes helping you apply for a Start-Up Loan.

This way you learn to stand on your own two feet but you also have someone to fall back on to ask those obvious questions, help you out those first sticky situations or simply to provide a friendly listening ear at the end of a long day.

Want to know more, just ask.

On this website you will find many free advice guides on starting a business that you can download. I have tried to cover everything you’ll need but if I have missed anything, please give me a call. I’m here to help and my advice comes from many years’ experience.

You can call me on 0333 772 0075 or email your questions to:

Angela Tooley

How we have helped others

Start-up loan approved and the money in their bank within 4 weeks…a month later they opened their business - they even had a celebrity cut the ribbon!

Our clients had always dreamed of running their own garage repair business but needed the capital to do it and had never run their own business.

After meeting with them, we concluded that their business idea was sound and that they might be eligible to apply for a Start-up Loan.

We guided them through the application process which included:

As part of the service, we provided free business mentoring for their first year.

My client knew that we were on hand to support them every step of the way from making sure they were ready for trading to doing their first VAT return.

And they knows that even now whenever they needs advice or simply a listening ear, we am at the end of the phone.

"Angela is a fountain of knowledge. She puts an immense amount of effort into everything she does whilst being creative and inventive. Angela handles the logistics of business with ease. I would never have got to where I am today without her. I can't begin to thank her enough"

Director, MK Auto Repair and Restoration