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Business Funding

Now that the economy is firmly on the mend, management teams have a new challenge, how do they obtain the funding that they need to take advantage of the growth opportunities they are now seeing? Whilst obtaining the right finance is essential to achieving a successful high growth strategy, the process of locating and securing it can be challenging for even the most experienced business.

A recent survey by the SME Finance Monitor showed that for SMEs seeking new/renewed loan facility in 2013 42% got the funding they wanted, 13% funded but not the terms they wanted, 45% were declined.

Business financing is no longer just the domain of banks and over recent years a wide range of alternative lending schemes have emerged.

Throw into this the cocktail of grants that are now available and it is unsurprising that many business owners are totally confused over what and how they can access it all.

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We understand that you don't have the time to keep up to date with all the grants and financing schemes available. Therefore leave us to do the hard work and when you have a project coming up, simply drop us a line to see what you could apply for.

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On this website you will find many free advice guides on starting a business that you can download. I have tried to cover everything you’ll need but if I have missed anything, please give me a call. I’m here to help and my advice comes from many years’ experience.

You can call me on 0333 772 0075 or email your questions to:

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How we have helped others

Fast growing Telecoms business requiring finance for growth

My client was in their first year of trading but needed external finance to support its next stages of growth. The owners had met with their bank but due to their lack of trading history were turned down for a bank loan.

The business was already winning long term customers but needed working capital to finance these contracts and in addition needed to buy demo kits, recruit more staff and move premises.

We helped the client to:

Finance is no longer a blocker in the business achieving growth. The roadmap has allowed the owners to plan their financial requirements for the next few years and therefore are better placed to get the best financing options available to them.

" During our first meeting, Angela showed a genuine interest in our business and took the time to ensure that she fully understood all aspects of our initial, immediate and long term objectives.

Angela then invested a large amount of her professional and personal time in matching our situation and future needs against potential funding and grant opportunities available to businesses in our position and location.

We were subsequently presented with a detailed list of funding options, including pros and cons combined with a clear roadmap of the steps that would required (and most importantly the daunting amount of time) associated with making an initial application and subsequently building the relevant business case and financial forecasts required to progress the funding applications.

Angela had no hesitation in providing her full support to ensure that we submitted the correct and relevant information in formats that increased our chances of receiving the most positive responses to our requests for funding support. Had we not had this support from Angela, we would have no doubt failed to understand any of the options available to us, or had the ability to manage and complete the detailed paperwork and applications required to apply for the associated grants and business loans.

Angela worked tirelessly with our team for several weeks, providing concise and clear advice wherever possible and ensuring that we avoided any shortcuts which may reduce our chances of being accepted for funding. More importantly, Angela's seasoned advice allowed us to identify exactly where we should and shouldn't be spending any funding awarded, to ensure it provided the maximum return and long term value "

Director, Serenity Telecom