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"small businesses that seek and obtain business advice are more likely to thrive and grow"

Business innovation & skills report 2013

Free help for anyone starting or expanding a business.

If you are looking to grow, improve productivity and profits or just want to explore potential new sources of funding or any other benefits that might be available to you….

Here’s the help you need, all in one place.

On this website you will find many free advice guides that you can download. I have tried to cover everything you’ll need but if I have missed anything, please give me a call. I’m here to help and my advice comes from many years’ experience.

You can call me on 0333 772 0075 or email your questions to:

Finding and Applying for Funding/Grants

You’ve probably already discovered just how daunting, expensive and time-consuming it can be trying to obtain funding for your ideas.

Finding out what is available to you is only part of the task. You’ll also need to convince the lender that your ideas will be successful.

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Grow Your Business

You can sell more of the same, you can add a different product line or you can let someone else sell them for you. These are all good ways to grow your business.

Explore your options and discover those that are best for you and your business.

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Starting a Business

If you’ve got an idea that will allow you earn money by doing something you enjoy, you’re off to a great start. But there are quite a few other things you need to consider if you’re going to be successful.

Whether you want to be a local business or you want to make Richard Branson sweat, the information here will show you the road to success.

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Who am I to be telling you what to do?

"Well, I have already helped many companies to achieve their goals sooner than they thought possible. I have reduced their costs and helped ensure the changes are sustainable.

And I can do the same for you.

I'm able to focus 100% on your goals without the distractions of day to day operations."

Angela Tooley - Advice on starting and growing a business

Angela Tooley

“Angela talks common sense and she uses plain English.

You’ll have no problem understanding her advice and she makes sure you can immediately see the benefits it will bring to your company.

>My advice is to listen to Angela’s advice. I’m glad I did.”

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£2 MILLION Profit Increase in less than 12 months

A company making high volume plastic components followed my advice and made a number of changes to their manufacturing and support functions.

They saw their profits grow by £2 million within the first 12 months. Because of the changes made, they achieved:

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